Great Artwork Takes Great Minds

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Robin Saunders

Founder / Artist

Starting the foundations of my knowledge in 2012, I learned and developed most of the technologies and techniques we use to create our trademark maps and charts. Our entire methodology and throughput has been independently discovered or invented in house!

Over the first 4-5 years, before we went full-time, I spent a lot of effort perfecting our methodology to produce near-flawless works every time we go to produce any piece. Once Grace joined me in this venture though, things really got bumping and we were able to take my topographic maps to the next level.

Today I spend much of my time producing 3D designs for each piece, and the woodworking and CNC milling before handing them off to Grace.

Growing up I never thought I would develop such a love for wood, let alone become an artist, but I don't let that stop me from enjoying the latest tech and playing video games in my spare time. 

Grace Sylvester

Artist / Co-Founder

I take care of the sanding/ dremelling, finishing and resin work of the lakes. With my steady hands and attention to detail, I enjoy being fully enveloped in my work while devouring hour after hour of podcasts. Working with a natural material like wood can be so cathartic, knowing there was a story before it came to our woodshop, and knowing the stories and memories it will hold in its future home brings me so much joy.

Learning resin work over the past 4 years has been a constant learning experience in how to become better, while also seeing the progress that has already been accomplished. There is no better feeling than uncovering a cured piece that is absolute perfection.

Since moving out of apartment life, I've found gardening to be a new and fun hobby and in general try to spend as much time outdoors as I can. I'm also an avid knitter and baker, much to Robin's enjoyment!

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Drusilla Gillen

Art Manager

British by birth, my passion for travel was ignited at as a child, first with diplomat parents, then with a backpack and now with my husband, I’ve visited cities, rural areas and islands all over the world.

After a successful 20 year career as a Garden Designer, I had the good sense to marry an Army officer, allowing me the freedom to indulge my delight in writing, art and travel.

We’ve been traveling the world with the military for the past 11 years and it’s been my art and dogs that have kept me sane.
In our travels from Vietnam to Canada and all the places in-between, I’ve learnt that creativity – giving voice to our experiences through any form of creative project – is an essential part of being human. Colour, shape and nature
breathe life into a space in the same way that music can colour a room.

Day to day, I take care of customer satisfaction and management, closing the communication gap between you, the client, and the artists, so they can focus on what they do best while I make sure they're on track and getting your artwork done on time!