Lake's We've Done!

This is our "master" list of completed lakes. We are always adding to our list of lakes, so if your lake isn't on our master list, we may have already done it already!

If we haven't done your lake before, that means you can have the first! We'll just add it to the list once we make it for you!

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Last Updated : June 2020

Canadian Lakes

British Columbia
New Brunswick
Newfoundland & Labrador
Nova Scotia
Prince Edward Island
Northern Territories
US Lakes


Canadian Lakes


Lake Name Region Size Ratio
Annette Lake Jasper National Park 3:4
Beauvert Lake Jasper National Park 3:4
Marie Lake Bonnyville No. 87 1:1


British Columbia

Lake Name Region Sizing Ratio
Alta and Nita Lake Whistler 1:3
Cluculz Lake Vanderhoof 1:2
Okanagan Lake Okanagan Valley 1:4



Lake Name Region Sizing Ratio
Clear Lake (Wasagaming) Riding Mountain National Park 1:2


New Brunswick

Lake Name Region Sizing Ratio
Indian Lake Sheffield 1:2

Newfoundland & Labrador

Non yet! Be the first!

Nova Scotia

Lake Name Region Sizing Ratio
Cape Breton The Island! 1:1
Rumsey Lake Annapolis



Lake Name Region Sizing Ratio
Ahmic Lake Parry Sound 1:2
Artery Lake Kenora 3:4
Balsam Lake Kawartha Highlands 2:3
Bass Lake Leeds and the Thousand Islands 2:3
Bay of Quinte Prince Edward County 3:4
Bennet Lake Tay Valley 1:2
Black Donald Lake Greater Madawaska 1:2
Black Lake Tay Valley
Bobs and Crow Lake South Frontenac 1:3
Brandy Lake Muskoka Lakes 1:2
Buck Lake South Frontenac 1:2
Calabogie Lake Greater Madawaska 1:1
Canning Lake Minden Hills 1:3
Carnahan Lake Central Frontenac 1:4
Charleston Lake Gananoque 3:4
Charlton Lake Sudbury 1:2
Chemong Lake Kawartha Highlands 1:2
Chippego Lake Central Frontenac 1:1
Christie Lake Tay Valley 1:2
Crane Lake The Archipelago
Crawford Lake Parry Sound
Crotch Lake North Frontenac 2:3
Crow Lake (separate from Bobs) South Frontenac 1:3
Crowe Lake Marmora 3:4
Crystal Lake Trent Lakes 2:3
Dalhousie Lake Lanark Highlands 1:3
Devil Lake South Frontenac 1:2
Dickey Lake Marmora 2:3
Dog Lake South Frontenac 1:2
Eagle Lake Central Frontenac/ Perth 3:4
Eels Lake North Kawartha 2:3
Elbow Lake South Frontenac 1:2
Esson Lake Wilberforce 1:3
Fairbank Lake Sudbury 3:4
Fairlain Lake Tiny Township 1:3
Gananoque Lake Leeds and the Thousand Islands 1:2 or 1:1
Georgian Bay Parry Sound 1:1 or 3:4
Gilroy Lake Wollaston 2:3
Gold Lake Kawartha Highlands
Golden Lake Killaloe 3:4
Grass and Loon Lake Kearney 1:2
Gull & Silver Lake Gravenhurst 1:2
Gull Lake Minden Hills 1:2
Head Lake Kawartha Lakes
Healey Lake Parry Sound 1:3
Holleford Lake South Frontenac
Horn Lake Magnetawan
Hurds Lake Greater Madawaska 1:1
Jeffrey Lake Faraday 2:3
Kattawagami Lake Cochrane District 1:3
Kawagama Lake Haliburton/ Muskoka 1:2
Kennebec Lake Central Frontenac 1:4
Kesagami Lake North Cochrane District 1:2
Killenbeck Lake Leeds and the Thousand Islands 1:3
Knowlton Lake South Frontenac 1:4
Lake Couchaching Noganosh Landing 1:2
Lake Dore North Algona Wilberforce
Lake Huron 3:4
Lake Joseph Muskoka Lakes 1:2
Lake Lulu/ Laclu Kenora 1:2
Lake Memesagamessing Parry Sound
Lake Muskoka Muskoka Lakes 2:3
Lake Nipissing North Bay 1:2
Lake Nosbonsing Bonfield/ Chisholm/ East Ferris 1:2
Lake of Bays Muskoka Lakes 2:3
Lake Ontario 5:12
Lake Rosseau Muskoka Lakes 1:2
Lake Scugog Durham 2:3
Lake Seymour Trent Hills 2:3
Lake Vernon Huntsville 1:2
Liitle Gold Lake Kawartha Highlands 1:1
Little Devil Lake South Frontenac 2:3
Little Glamor Lake Highlands East 1:2
Little Silver Lake Tay Valley
Long Lake Timmins 1:4
Long Point (Lake Erie) Dorset 1:4
Lost Channel / Big Chute Muskoka Lakes 2:3
Loubourough Lake South Frontenac 1:4 or 1:2
Lower Beverly Lake Delta
Lower Rideau Lake Rideau Lake 3:4
Machington Lake Kanora 1:2
Manitouwaba Lake Seguin 1:2
Manitouwabing Lake Seguin
Mink Lake North Algona Wilberforce 1:2
Mississauga Lake Kawartha Highlands 3:4
Mississippi Lake Lanark 2:3
Opeongo Lake Algonquin Provincial Park 1:1
Ottawa River Ottawa 1:2
Otter Lake Seguin
Otty Lake Lanark 2:3
Oxtounge Lake Algonquin 1:3
Palmerston Lake North Frontenac 1:2
Papineau Lake Wicklow/ NE of Bancroft 1:2
Paudash Lake Highlands East 1:1
Pigeon Lake Kawartha Highlands 1:4
Pike Lake Tay Valley 1:3
Puslinch Lake Wellington 1:1
Red Horse Lake Leeds and the Thousand Islands 1:2
Ruth Lake Nipissing
Sand Lake Rideau Lakes 3:4
Shadow Lake Kawartha Lakes 1:3
Sharbot Lake Central Frontenac 2:3
Silver Lake Tay Valley 1:3
Silver Lake Seguin 1:2
Skootamatta Lake Addington Highlands 3:4
South Lake Leeds and the Thousand Islands 1:2
South Narrow Lake Sioux Narrows-Nestor Falls 1:2
Soyers Lake Minden Hills 1:1
St. Andrews Lakes Central Frontenac 1:4
St. Peter Lake Hastings Highlands 1:2
Sturgeon Lake Kawartha Lakes 1:1 or 1:2
Sydenham Lake South Frontenac 1:1
Trout Lake Sudbury 2:3
Twelve Mile Lake Minden Hills 2:3
Varty Lake Harrowsmith 1:2
Wadsworth Lake Greater Madawaska 1:1
Wadsworth Lake Bancroft 1:3
Whiskey Harbour (Lake Huron)
White Lake 1:3
Windermere Lake Sudbury 1:2
Wolfe Lake Nipissing 1:1
Wolfe Lake North Frontenac 2:3
Wollaston Lake Wollaston
Young Lake Kawartha Lakes 3:4


Prince Edward Island

Island Masterworks Project In Progress! Contact us to be added to the wait list!


Lake Name Region Sizing Ratio
Lac Brompton Orford/ Racine/ Saint-Denis-de-Brompton 1:4
Lac Coursolles Nord-du-Quebec 1:1
Lac Heney Lac Saint-Marie 1:2?



Lake Name Region Sizing Ratio
Jeanette Lake Meadow Lake Provincial Park 1:2
McTavish Lake Division No. 18, Unorganized 1:4
Waskesiu Lake Prince Albert Provincial Park 1:2
Weyakwin Lake Division No. 18, Unorganized 2:3


Northern Territories

US Lakes

We have done several US Lakes from many states, all the way from California to Florida! Please contact us to see if we've done yours!