Active and Upcoming Projects

Some projects are larger then others, and require a significant amount of work to accomplish. These are usually projects with inadequate source material, that require a large amount of manual design time to create. Generally, we estimate these projects to require several hundred hours of design time.

So, to ensure that our time is being well spent, we've started wait lists for the following projects to help measure the demand for each location. If you don't see your desired area in the following list, please reach out to us to request it!

Once a region gets enough interest, we will launch a kick starter to help fund the design time.

Current Active Projects

 Prince Edward Island
 Bay of Quinte


Upcoming Projects

 Lake Simcoe
 Thousand Islands / St. Lawrence
 Big Rideau Lake
 Parry Sound Bay
 Halifax Harbour
 San Francisco Bay
 Chesapeake Bay