How Ordering Works

First things first, pick your area!

Before we can even start deciding what to do, you need to first select the region that matters most to you!
Once you know what lake (or region) you're looking for, hop over to our completed lake list to see if we've done it before! If you don't see it on that list, don't worry! We can definitely design your lake from scratch..

We do not charge extra for design time for large lakes, but do ask for compensation for private and small lakes. Some designs for complex larger lakes take over 100 hours to complete!

Step 2 : Fill out our contact form and place an order!

The next stage is to actually contact us and make a commission request. This is an informal request where you can get a quote and discuss with our team what exactly you are looking for.

Once we've come to an agreement and you're ready to place a formal order, we ask for a 50% non-refundable deposit to secure your position in our production queue. 

Step 3 : Review the Design

Once we've reached your order, we typically begin designing your lake over the course of a few weeks. There are several stages that we do in batches, and this process is time consuming. We ensure that our designs are the best they can be so we don't need to do them over again from scratch!

When your order's design has been complete and ready for you to review, we send you a 3D draft to review and provide feedback on. This stage is critical as we ask for your help isolating any missing features or islands such as shoals or sink holes, and to inspect and review the nameplate choices and spelling.

Step 4 : We begin producing your piece!

After we review and make any revisions required on the design, we move into the physical production stage. This stage can take 2-4 weeks, as we carefully and meticulously being making the artwork, and take due diligence putting it through the classic stages of wood finishing, finishing it off with our trademark beautiful resin pour!

Wrapping Up : Confirm Address and Ship!

After all this work, the artwork is finished! We'll send you a photo of the piece to show that it's complete and send you the final invoice for the remaining balance. We typically like to confirm the shipping address before shipping, and then ship it right to you or your recipients door via Fedex or Canada Post/USPS.

So What Are You Waiting For?

Order Your Lake Today!